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aboutIan Ferguson (Ferg)
Kayaking is a life long passion of mine. I have attended 5 Olympic Games representing New Zealand in kayaking and I still enjoy getting out on the water any chance I get. I love sharing my great passion with other people. Kayaking is a fun way to enjoy the waterways, spend time with family, entertain the children, explore the coastlines, go fishing, race the rivers, and keep fit. You’d be surprised at how easy and affordable it can be to get into the kayak of your choice. I’m proud of Fergs Kayaks and look forward to seeing you in-store soon.

About Fergs Kayaks

Fergs Kayaks is one of the biggest kayak stores in New Zealand. We have 2 fantastic stores – Wellington & Auckland – Both located right on the water front. so you can…

Try Before You Buy

We stock some of the best brands of kayaks and accessories available from round the world so that we can offer them to all you paddlers in Aotearoa.
We have it all, from beginners to advanced, sit-on-tops to surf skis.
But having the best stock is easy, it’s having the product knowledge and passionate staff to make sure you get the right kayak or accessory which is important
Almost all of our staff are avid paddlers, and or rock climbers and are passionate about enjoying the great outdoors – so they know their stuff!… and if they don’t they can always check with Ferg, he knows a thing or two!!