School Sports – Wellington

Kayak Games:

Fun for everyone!  Have a go at kayaking in our minnows or sit-on-tops! Get the basics of moving around in your kayak, then splash around with your friends, play some team building games and have a jump off the wharf at the end.

Click here to see how fun kayaking can be :

Flat water kayak lesson:

 Ideal for younger high school or intermediate classes who would like a more structured, skill based experience. Have fun Learning key paddling skills and if time allows, go on a wee journey at the end.

Sea Kayak tour: Ages 16+

For those who prefer the idea of a “dry” but longer distance journey. Take a scenic tour around the harbour. Experience a totally different kind of paddle from the sit on tops. Try out our fast, comfortable, elegant sea kayaks!

Click Here for a brief video on our Sea Kayak Tours 

Sea Kayak lesson: Ages 16+

Learn from the experts, we have NZOIA qualified kayak instructors! Receive basic-intermediate paddling skills and have a go at jumping in the water and rescuing yourself and/or a friend! A Great option for schools planning long distance trips, such as Abel Tasman camps or a day trip to Matua-Somes Island. This structured lesson or lessons aim to set your students up as confident sea kayakers.

Stand up Paddle Boarding

 It’s what all the cool kids are doing! Learn to paddle board with style and go for a journey around the harbour with your mates. Did I mention we have 6 ISA qualified staff to choose from?!

Rock Climbing: all ages 

Warm up on our instruction wall, learn a basic Fergs Kayaks belay technique (12yrs+), then climb till you can’t climb no more!

Rock Climbing Lesson: ages 12+

Ideal for schools wanting to incorporate NCEA credits into their programme. Learn proper belay technique from our NZOIA Rock qualified staff, advance to different belay devices and receive coaching on your climbing style to push your grades to bigger heights!

Inline Skating

Want to get outside but not get wet? Cruise the harbours waterfront with your mates on our inline skates and run circles around your teachers! Stay safe with wrist guards and optional knee and elbow pads to avoid those ouchies if you can’t stop.

In Wellington we can assist with assessing your students for NCEA, so if you want to offer a programme within your school in kayaking or climbing, get in touch with us.

Click Here for some inline Skate Fun