The AT2 Flexi is our most flexible paddle within the F-Core Series and most closely resembles the natural feel of a wooden paddle. This design is perfect for those who seek high performance but who also need a paddle that reduces wear and tear on the body.

The AT2 is our flagship model and is used every day by the world’s best kayakers. Buoyant, hydrodynamic, foam core blades slice and feather through the water effortlessly. The foam core advantage offers you easy recovery in holes, light weight, and stable bracing. The AT2 Standard is our stiffest paddle. Made from our highest grade of braided Carbon Fiber and Kevlar.

Shaft Carbon & Fiberglass Braid; Unibody Construction; Full Control Grip; Standard Diameter
Blade Offset 30-Degree Standard, Custom Available
Blade 710 sq cm; Carbon Braid with Dynell Protected Trim, Urethane Foam Core
Paddle weight 38.0 oz/ 1077 g
Sizes available 191, 194, 197, 200;