Harmony High Volume Bilge Pump

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Harmony High Volume Bilge Pump


  • Simple and easy to use design
  • High volume
  • Doesnt clog up with small quantitys of sand.
  • Floats if it falls over board
  • Why pay up to $75 else where????


Product Description

The Harmony “High Volume” Bilge Pump has the least bulky handle knob of all the sea kayak bilge pumps. This handle design combined with its full lenght foam float collar makes it stow cleaner than other hand-held bilge pumps, and these features make it is easier to pull out when needed. This pump only comes in one size, and it is best suited for medium to low volume sea kayaks. Another good feature about this pump is that it takes less strength to operate than most kayak pumps, so children etc. can usually operate it whereas some pumps are too stiff for even a lot of small adults to use (especially if tired which could be just when you really need to be able to use your pump).

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