Come and get rolling lessons with our experienced staff. Traditionally known as the ‘Eskimo roll’ there are now many ways to turn your world all around in a kayak. It’s vitally important to know how to roll if you plan on tackling any white water or venturing out in your sea kayak. Learn with us and your confidence will get a real boost. We usually get you rolling in the first or second lesson, then it takes a few more lessons to refine your technique to get that sought after “bomb proof” roll. Your instructor will let you know where you are at with each of your lessons.  We run these sessions at a heated pool in a 1 on 1 environment.  The first lesson is usually between one to one and a half hours.



1:1 Lesson                     $150 per person

2:1 Lesson                   $90 per person



1:1 Lesson        (first Lesson)             $120 per person

1:1 lesson         (4 lessons)                $240 per person