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Mad river canoe legend 16


The shallow arch hull and moderate rocker of these canoes allow for effortless exploration and discovery of your favorite river along with its treasures.

With skid plate.

Product Description

A benchmark for downriver canoes, the Legend 16’s shallow arch, Royalex® by Spartech® hull and moderate rocker make this canoe durable, nimble and responsive on twisty rivers, yet respectable on open waters. It is also stable enough for learning whitewater paddling but challenging enough to help more experienced paddlers continue developing their skills.

Designed to repel wave and splash to keep the interior dry, it also has the capacity for extended, mixed-water trips.  The Legend 16 maintains quality performance whether loaded or empty, making it a superior choice for whitewater expeditions.

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Length Width Depth Rocker Capacity
Gunwale @4″ Waterline Maximum @Center @Bow @Stern @Bow @stern
488 cm
89 cm
85 cm
89 cm
37 cm
56 cm
51 cm
5 cm
5 cm
1100 lbs
499 kg

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