Designing the best pumps.

When you inflate an inflatable board you require 3 things.

1) High volume
2) High Pressure
3) Compact and easy to use

The first 2 requirements could not be more different. In an ideal world you would have a large barrel pump that could quickly put the volume of air into the board and then a very small barrel pump to increase the pressure without huge muscles.

Due to the requirement to transport the boards and pack everything down into a small bag the challenge is to provide a pump that can both put the volume in to the board and allow you to reach a high pressure with the minimum of effort. Cost is also a consideration. Anything in life can be solved by throwing money at it but we realise that very few people want to spend hundreds of dollars/Euro/Yen on a pump so we have developed 2 pumps that allow you to inflate our boards with the minimum of effort and cost.