The X-Series boards feature a wave piercing bow, displacement hull and a highly efficient “2-phase” rocker-line that keeps the XSeries boards in glide mode between strokes. Full rails encourage stability so the rider can put his energy into the power-zone of the stroke rather than wasting precious energy to maintain balance. Sharp rails at the tail shear water for drag reduction and unleash nearly unlimited top-end speed. All X-Series boards feature an ergonomic decking, comfortable crocodile textured deck pad and SIC proprietary EZ-Grab Handle. The PRO models come with a removable race handle. They exclude the cargo net.


X-14.0 Pro SCC

Length Width Volume Weight
14’0″ 26.00″ 253 L 24 lbs  (+/- 10%)
425 cm 66.04 cm 11 kg (+/- 10%)

X-12.6 TWC

Length Width Volume Weight
12’6″ 29.50″ 266 L 32 lbs (+/- 10%)
381.50 cm 74.93 cm 14 kg (+/- 10%)