What is bouldering?

Bouldering is like rock climbing but different. Leave behind the ropes and harness of rock climbing and climb your way through problems using nothing more than climbing shoes, chalk for your hands and a safety mat beneath you. After solving the problem in your head, tackle the boulder using balance, strength, technique and persistence.




The bouldering wall is high enough to be challenging with no ropes or harness, and low enough not to be a problem when you fall to the mat below.

It’s a great strength trainer, and not just for your arms; bouldering uses many of the muscles all over your body such as your core strength, grip strength and flexibility.


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Bouldering is a social activity, so even if you fancy a go on your own, there will likely be others trying to work out the same problem with you.

There is no need for expensive gear, you can hire climbing shoes from us on the day so come along and have a go – and bring your friends!