Barracuda - Interface



Now that the paddling public has been spoiled by Barracuda’s light weight high performance sea kayaks it is time to move onto the next generation of hull forms that our ultralight technology now lends itself to.

The Interface is the results of the flow through effect, taking all the design lessons learnt from the deep 'V' hulls and the Beachcomber Ultralight and combining them into a user friendly kayak for the majority of paddlers hence the name 'Interface'.

(Available in low, medium and high volume)
Length: 5.2m
Width: 0.57m
Depth: 0.36m (add 16mm for medium volume or add 35mm for high volume)

Low volume: 50-70kg
Medium volume: 70-85kg
High volume: 85-110kg

Front hatch opening: 275mm x 200mm
Rear hatch opening: 400mm x 200mm
Cockpit opening: 800mm x 415mm

Based on medium volume:
Front storage compartment: 72L
Sealed glove box: 15L
Cockpit: 170L
Rear storage compartment: 96L

• Day hatch forward of the cockpit
• Comfortable padded seat and backrest
• Lots of thigh and foot room