Epic - V10 Double Performance



Our goal for this boat is very similar to our goals when we introduced the V10. We wanted to make a boat faster than anything existing in the class, while still making it user friendly enough that a large number of people can enjoy it.

The seat is very comfortable and ergonomics are superior with the cut outs to allow a closer paddle stroke. Bailers are standard in both cockpits, allowing quick drainage when needed, with the option to close them and give a dry cockpit with decreased drag in flat conditions

Length: 24' 11" (7.6m)
Width: 19" (48.3cm)
Depth: 16" (40cm)
Capacity: 530 lbs (240kg)
Optimum team weight: 130-190kg

• Infusion grade foam core
• Composite hybrid of fibreglass, carbon fibre, and Kevlar
• Vacuum infused, heat-cured epoxy
• Black bow and stern (ICF sprint kayaks do not have black bow and stern)