MTI - Inflatable Belt Pack Life Jacket



The MTI Fluid 2.0 belt pack inflatable PFD is loaded with features. The body hugging pack design securely holds the pack to your core while paddling and the padded 3D mesh back panel and buckle flap are soft, cool and quick drying. The top loading pack design with Velcro closure is easy to open and repack. The compact inner bladder with printed fold lines is less bulky, saves weight and is easy to repack. An adjustable webbing strap between the bladder and the belt for better fit when inflated and being worn. Pack inflates via a premium Halkey Robert inflation mechanism with an indicator which showing you if the mechanism is armed. This indicator is visible through a window in the pack so you can tell at a glance if your pack is armed and ready for use. The easy to install 24 gram bayonet style CO2 cylinders are readily available. There's a zippered storage compartment on the top lid and a D-ring on the side for attaching a phone case, waterproof watch, or other essential items. To aid with safety, every Fluid 2.0 PFD comes complete with a signal whistle that rides nicely in a whistle holster on the waist belt. The soft comfortable 2" waist belt opens to accommodate approximately a 50 in. waist size. SPECIFICATIONS: USCG: Type III, BUOYANCY: Minimum: 26 lb. 2 oz., Design: 29 lb., WAIST SIZE: 28"- 50"/Over 80 lbs. and at least 16 years of age.