Enigma II

Enigma II

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Now that the paddling public has been spoiled by Barracuda’s light weight high performance sea kayaks it is time to move onto the next generation of hull forms that our ultralight technology now lends itself to. 

The Enigma is the results of the flow through effect, taking all the design lessons learnt from the Beachcomber Ultralight and combined with the 5.2m length of the Interface with a flatter bottom ideal for adventure racing. This kayak is narrower than the Beachcomber but doesn't loose much in stability, it is long and fast with a flat bottom suitable for cutting through the chop of the ocean and down rivers or on lakes.

Here is a kayak quick enough to compete on the 'Coast to Coast' and other racing type events, but also light enough to lift on and off of the car with ease, with the durability of sheet formed plastic rather than fibreglass and composite materials which cracks once rocks are hit. It is also able to be taken on holiday and sea kayak around some of the beautiful parts of the country which ample sized sealed bulk head hatches.

Length: 5.195m
Width: 0.575m
Weight: 15.5kg
Cockpit: 0.8m x 0.42m 

• Day hatch forward of the cockpit
• Comfortable padded seat and backrest
• Lots of leg room