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The Enigma is a sea kayak developed using a combination of design features from the Beachcomber and Interface. The Enigma is a very capable sea kayak and is the next step from the beachcomber for down-river and multisport paddling and the go-to boat for first time Coast to Coast participants. Like all Barracuda kayaks, this is vacuum thermo formed plastic, making the kayak reasonably light while still retaining enough stiffness to allow it to perform.

Sea kayaks have become more and more popular in races such as the Coast to Coast, and Barracuda have recognised this and created a kayak to suit the needs to the recreational racer. The Enigma is great for training in as well as on race day. Even if you have no plans for racing, the Enigma is the logical choice for those who paddle for fitness.

If you are planning on taking part in the Coast to Coast, and will do a lot of training on the sea, the Enigma is the one. A sea kayak is a much safer option when paddling on the sea. The Barracuda Beachcomber started the trend towards using sea kayaks in multi-sport races. The Enigma, at 5.2m long, is longer, slightly narrower and has less rocker than the Beachcomber so is able to move through the water more quickly.

Weight: 19kg / 41lbs
Length: 5.2m / 17ft
Width: 58cm / 23”

• Paddle holder in front of the cockpit
• Paddle float rescue attachments
• Barracuda tip toe rudder system
• Sealed glove box storage compartment forward of the cockpit
• Deck bungy
• Railblaza StarPort for safety flag (flag not included)
• Carry Handles
• Bulkheads