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Size Guide:
• Micro – Fits phones 120mm/4.7in tall, 75mm/3in wide. iPhone 4 and other small phones. [SKU CODE 098 Grey]

• Mini – Fits phones 140mm/5.5in tall, 75mm/3in wide. iPhone SE, 5, 5S, 5C, 12 Mini; Google Nexus 5; Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini; and other phones that are the same size [SKU CODE 108 Grey, 109 Black]

• Small – Fits phones 150mm/6in tall, 100mm/4in wide. Fits iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, XR and XS, Pixel, Galaxy S range etc. [SKU CODE 348 Grey, 349 Black]

• Plus – Fits phones 160mm/6.5in tall, 100mm/4in wide. Fits iPhone 6 Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, 11, 12 and other plus size phones like Huawei P20; Samsung Galaxy Note etc. [SKU CODE 358 Grey, 359 Black, 353 Green]

• PlusPlus – Fits phones/phablets 185mm/7.5in tall, 110mm/4.3in wide. Fits larger phones with Heavy Duty bumper cases such as Otterbox, or phones with an extra battery booster as well. [SKU CODE 368 Grey, 369 Black, 363 Green]

• 100% Waterproof – trusted since 1983
• Talk and hear as normal
• Great photos and videos
• Touchscreens will work normally
• Protection against water, dust, corrosion, sand and mud
• Lanyard included

Useful to know:
• Functional in extreme conditions, desert or arctic conditions
• Fingerprint Recognition (e.g. Touch ID) won’t work through the Aquapac – you will have to enter your passcode
• Face Recognition (e.g. FaceID) won’t work on many phones – you’ll have to enter your passcode
• Some phones have rather sharp edges. We recommend the use of a thin bumper case which will protect both phone and case

A note about iPhone 7:
Assistive Touch will need to be enabled as the Home button will not respond through any plastic case. To do this, go to Settings > General > Accessibility, then scroll until you see the Assistive Touch option. This will add a virtual Home button to your screen so you can continue to use your iPhone 7 / 7 Plus.