Wellington Adventure Club

Adventure Club Program

Prices starting from $230  |  Ages 8 - 17

Adventure Club offers a number of different experiences in one fun package. The focus will be on individual growth and group dynamics. We encourage the students to learn how to support each other, reach their goals and take responsibility for what they can achieve.

Our programmes are designed for ages 8-17 which run through the school terms, typically 10 weeks. Our climbing club is at its core, with classes every week. Experience is not necessary, but it is important that kids are comfortable at height and are prepared to take on the responsibility of keeping each other safe.

Learning to climb is a commitment, therefore we offer membership options for a year (please note: annual memberships are only available from the start of Term 1), or by the term which allows members to climb in the gym outside of their session time in order to build skills, with the supervision of a guardian or parent.

The Adventure Club is designed to be multifaceted in rock climbing, kayaking and stand up paddleboarding. The program will be inclusive of all activities, or you may choose the activity that suits your child best. Rock climbing is year round with term based programs and holiday programs. 

$230 (per Term) - Junior Membership (ages 8-11) 
$250 (per Term) - Senior Membership (ages 12-17)
$750 - Annual Membership for a school year (please note that we’re now only able to offer annual memberships for 2023).

Term 2 Dates 2022
Week 1 starting Monday 2nd May 2022 (see pricing above)

Easter Holiday Dates 2022
Tuesday 19th April - Friday 22nd April 10am-2pm

Daily Breakdown
10am-12pm: Watersports session (kayaking for juniors, paddleboarding for seniors)
12pm-12.30pm: Lunch 
12.30pm-2pm: Indoor rock climbing

Easter Holiday Pricing (for entire week)
$300 for watersports and climbing combo
$200 for just indoor rock climbing
$200 for just watersports

If interested in any of these programs, please register by filling out this link (places will be confirmed after completion of the form):
Or, email Sarah at adventureclub@fergskayaks.co.nz 
Summer Holiday Program 2023
Available for youth aged 8-17. Groups will be split with 8-11 year olds focusing on kayaking and 12-17 year olds on paddleboarding. Checkout our website for updates later in the year for the 2023 Summer Holiday Program.