Wellington Birthday Parties

Adventure Party

$350 - up to 10 partygoers

Bring your friends and come for an adventure race with us on Wellington's waterfront! Unlock clues, complete challenges and rock, roll or paddle your way to victory (and prizes!) with one of our dedicated instructors.

Two and a half hours long. The adventure race is a combo of paddling (45 mins) or racing around the waterfront on foot/or skates (if the weather is bad), and climbing. The adventure race is $250 for a team of 8 racers and $25 for every additional racer. We set up challenges along the waterfront for racers to complete and then come inside the shop to climb to unlock the prizes.

  • $25pp for extra people
  • $50 for a Birthday Party Host
  • Time Slots: 11am-1.30pm; 2pm-4.30pm
  • $10 Clean-up fee for table usage 

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 Climbing Party

$250- up to 10 climbers/ $300 up to 15 climbers

Have a little monkey on your hands? Give them a safe environment to let them climb as high as they can and spend an exciting 2 hours of your childs special day at Fergs. Our adventure host will run the initial safety session to ensure belayers and climbers are comfortable. The host will stay with your party for the remainder of the session.

Bookings are available Monday - Friday 11am - 5pm, Saturdays and Sundays 11am - 5pm.

Adult belayers and supervision required. 

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Kayaking/SUP Party


Spend an exciting 2 hours of your kid’s special day at Fergs. Bookings are available Monday- Friday 11am-5pm, Saturdays and Sundays 11am-5pm for parties of 8+ people.  Enquire for more details.

  • Provided Instructor on the water
  • Strict 1:8 instructor to paddler ratio
  • Includes use of the Giant 17' Paddleboard
  • Time Slots: 12pm-2pm; 2.30pm-4.30pm;
  • $10 Clean-up fee for table usage

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