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A convenient way of mounting your accessories

The RAILBLAZA TracPort Dash Kit is a lightweight mounting system that combines strength and convenience in one multi-purpose rail equipped with several StarPorts and StarPort adapters. It locks any StarPort-compatible RAILBLAZA accessories together in one place for a neat-looking dashboard and increased workspace. Once you’re done with it, you can easily detach it from the mount and stowing or transporting. Use it to mount your rod holders or platforms together next time you go boating for a convenient and hassle-free fishing experience.

RAILBLAZA TracPort Dash 350 Features:

  • 350mm aluminium extrusion
  • 2 x endcaps
  • 3 x Starport/TracNut combos
  • 1 x StarPort adaptor
  • 1 StarPort bridge support
  • Fasteners

RAILBLAZA TracPort Dash 500 Features:

  • 500mm extrusion
  • 2 x endcaps
  • 4 x Starport/TracNut Combos
  • Infill cut to length
  • 2 x StarPort adapters
  • Fasteners